People seek counselling for numerous reasons. Perhaps you feel stuck in a place you no longer want to be? Perhaps you do not know what is wrong, but you feel unhappy. Are you suffering from repeating patterns of emotional pain? Have you recently suffered trauma, bereavement, or loss?


Whatever your reason for seeking help I will work with you to find the right treatment. It is common for people to suffer from repeating patterns of emotional pain, and some of these patterns are easy to identify, but others can be hidden from our awareness. If you feel hopeless, or if you are yearning to reach your full potential then you might be locked in unhelpful patterns that you don't recognise.


Sometimes there are triggers for our emotional pain, and they can be seen in our relationships and in the ways that we think and feel about ourselves. I like to help you find these triggers and set you free. I achieve this by giving you the right conditions to fully understand yourself, and why you feel the way you do. We often attempt to avoid our pain in different ways.


Sometimes we run away, distract ourselves, use drugs and alcohol, or we can resort to perfectionism or live in denial for example. Without identifying and changing our patterns and triggers, we persist in repeating our behaviours.

I aim to bring about freedom by facilitating lasting change that comes from new ways of thinking, being, and doing. I aim to help you develop a new way of seeing yourself and others, and when your perspective shifts you know what changes are necessary for you to lead your best life.


Sometimes it's not just life's difficulties that bring people to therapy. Some people use counselling to help and support them through general self-development. Self-development is about striving to improve yourself, and it can be about anything.


We can generate specific aims and objectives together, or we can centre it around general self improvement, self confidence, and well being so you can truly live your best life.


Some examples of how you might use counselling for self development would be preparing for an interview, a presentation at work or other big life events. We can spend our time together focusing on your goals and help to increase your motivation. I can support you with assertiveness, self confidence, help with public speaking, interview skills, preparing for big events, support with diet and fitness goals and many other personal and professional endeavours. 

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